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Report for Week of 4/16/18Sunday was a bit warmer so the small brown and black stones were out again. most success came on small dark nymphs fished right off the bottom. There were a few surface feeders about 1 PM but did not last very long. 
Right now the best bet for flies choices to match the bugs are
Dark pheasant tail size 16-18 
Small stone fly nymph size 16-18
CDC stone dry fly  gray/black size 16-18

For searching 
Wooley bugger size 8-10  colors olive, black, black brown
Thin mint size 8
Redneck size 8
Golden stone nymph size 8-10
Black stone nymph size 6-10
Small streamers size 8-10*
Green rock worm size 12-14

* We almost always point people who want to fish streamers here use a smaller size one. This is due to the amount of food the bait fish grow really fast and end up almost as large as the trout at times. You can try large streamers but will limit numbers greatly. Unless you can find the big brown or tow that it may interest.